Preventative Maintenance Service PMS

Let MLS take care of all of your routine PMS and keep your laser running at peak efficiency.  Our PMS services will ensure your laser is running like new and catch problems before they occur

Annual Service Contracts

Take the guesswork out of your budget with an MLS annual service contract.  We wll perform all of your PM’s and include extra time to be used at your discretion for emergency repairs, training, or consulting.

Emergency repairs

When emergencies happen, you can count on MLS to get there quickly, diagnose the problem, and get you back up as soon as possible.  No more waiting on overbooked OEM service tech’s with minimum experience

Complete machine rebuilds

MLS can refurbish that old machine and bring it back to like-new condition.  New bellows, ballscrews, and control upgrades available.

Resonator rebuilds

When It’s time to rebuild that tired resonator, call MLS.  We can bring you back up to full power at a fraction of the cost of an OEM rebuild and in half the time!

Machine moves and installations

Need to relocate your old machine to a new facility or have you bought another machine.  Let MLS handle it for you.  Your one stop shop can disconnect, prepare for shipment, relocate, and re-install it for you.  

Roots blower and Turbo blower replacements

Time to replace that roots blower or turbo blower? Let MLS take care of it.  We have a variety of blowers in stock and guarantee to beat the OEM cost while matching or exceeding their warranty.

Power supply repair and exchange

Power Supplies (SMPS and RF) can be costly and often aren’t available when you need one most.  MLS can send one out immediately for 1/2 the cost of a new one.

Parts repair and/or exchange

Can’t find that part for your laser?  MLS has an extensive database of OEM parts from original suppliers at a fraction of the cost.


One of the most overlooked areas for improvement is training.  Let MLS develop a training program for your operators and maintenance personnel to help them get the most out of your laser.

Consulting & Pre-purchase inspections and evaluations

Considering adding another machine?  Let MLS help you make the best choice possible.  We can evaluate potential purchases and identify concerns to aid you in negotiating the best possible price.  Additional consulting services available upon request.   © Midwest Laser Service, Inc. 2015